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Need to ensure your new recording studio is truly acoustically isolated?

IsoRafts – for floors, walls and ceiling.

Studio Float IsoRafts are how you can easily “float” and isolate your rooms from one another – and the structure. Using IsoRafts makes your control room more acoustically efficient and sound better, makes sure sound doesn’t leak to performance areas, and isolates your entire facility from the outside world.


Made of wood with a silicone separating layer, the wooden nailers are quickly installed, moving the project along faster than other solutions.


The special black silicone has been tested to be effective to the lowest frequencies. When sound energy travels through the top part of the IsoRaft, that energy is dissipated as heat and stopped in its tracks.


Compared to other isolation methods, IsoRafts are less expensive and more effective. Combine that with ease and speed of installation and you savings are increased through labor savings.

Studio Float



All In The Family

IsoRafts are specially designed for use on your floor (deck), with three different sizes with increased load capacity with each larger raft. Plus, each IsoRaft is available in Low profile or High profile, providing space for piping (1” or 2”). The wall IsoRaft’s unique design provide a ¼” air gap in addition to the silicone, to further ensure complete separation of your inner walls from the outer structure. We offer two type of ceiling IsoRaft to utilize an eye ring for suspended ceilings or 3/8” threaded rod/turnbuckle combo for precise adjustment of ceiling panels.

Float Your Space

Tell us about your design and construction materials and we’ll help you spec out the right rafts for your job and give you the recommended layout.

Low Frequency,
High Performance

Studio Float IsoRafts are engineered to specifically handle a broader frequency range to handle the low frequencies modern, high-powered studio monitoring systems are capable of generating.

Float Your Space

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StudioFloat IsoRaft Calculator

Use the calculator​ to estimate price and how many rafts you need for a room.

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Enter dimensions (Enter room measurements to calculate area.)
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Real world application may vary. Therefore, the estimated number of rafts needed for your build may not produce 100% accuracy. For any questions or concerns, please contact an agent.