Studio Float IsoRafts are the most efficient way to create sound isolation construction, down to very low frequencies, in any sound production or performance venue.
When correctly placed under the floor deck, on wall studs and ceiling joists, IsoRafts are the most cost-effective, easy to use and high performance decoupling devices on the market today.


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  • Self-extinguishable recycled foam agglomerate
  • Made from the agglomeration of flexible polyurethane foam of different densities
  • Good fire resistance (M1 fire-class), uniform and stable composition
  • Great performance/cost. Supplied in 1m2 (10.76 ft2) plates
  • Installation: with contact glue
  • Wide range of thickness, from 2cm to 10cm (0.8″ to 3.9″) with 80Kg/m3 (others upon consulting and request)
  • Suitable for walls, ceilings and floors
  • Download product specs

IsoRaft EH – Suspended Ceiling Raft w/Eye Hook black silicone, low profile 75 lbs/raft no. 6 screw eye.



Ceiling Raft using no. 6 screw eye. Load Cap 75 lb/raft. Length: 2-1/4″. Width: 4-7/8″. Height: 2-1/2″

IsoRaft TR – Suspended Ceiling Raft w/Threaded Rod black silicone, standard profile 75 lbs/raft 3/8″ threaded rod anchor.



Ceiling Raft using 3/8″ threaded rod anchor Load Cap 75 lb/raft. Length: 1-7/8″. Width: 4-7/8″. Height: 2-1/4″

StudioFloat IsoRaft Calculator

Use the calculator​ to estimate price and how many rafts you need for a room.

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Real world application may vary. Therefore, the estimated number of rafts needed for your build may not produce 100% accuracy. For any questions or concerns, please contact an agent.