Studio Float IsoRafts

What the World has been waiting for.

Studio Float was created to provide a range of entirely new sound and vibration isolation products called IsoRafts that meet or exceed performance as compared to existing solutions.  As the Studio Float company evolves, the professional audio market will see several new and innovative products that address energy transfer making the room and components within the room (loudspeakers, guitar amplifiers, etc.) perform their best with reduced coloration and greatly improved decoupling from the environment.

As with many of the world’s solutions to a wide range of challenges, simpler is better. IsoRafts were created to fill the need for an inexpensive and simple sound absorbing solution for studio designers and builders to obtain code mandated STC and IIC ratings for production and performance venues, either private or commercial.

IsoRafts are simple wood and silicone soundproofing decoupling devices that are installed inside walls & floor/ceiling assemblies of buildings to attenuate the noise that can pass through the assemblies. IsoRafts are easily installed using standard fastening techniques without requiring specialized tools. Construction moves more quickly and smoothly while the floors walls and ceiling are effectively “floating” and decoupled from the main structure.  

The Studio Float team is made up of engineers, designers and professional audio specialists each with over thirty years’ experience designing, building and equipping recording studios around the world.

Studio Float IsoRafts are what the world has been waiting for. Simply Perfect.  

StudioFloat IsoRaft Calculator

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